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Zarigueya Press cannot consider unsolicited manuscripts at this time. All publications are proposed by members of the Zarigueya collective, and accepted by consensus.

Zarigueya Press derives revenue solely from book sales. To stay in print, each book we publish must sell 50 copies in the first year, and 10 copies a year thereafter. Our authors need to be dedicated to promoting and marketing their work through public readings and related efforts. We support and encourage these efforts in any way we can.

The author receives a minimum of 20% of copies of her book as a royalty. Authors receive a generous discount for purchased copies. We prefer to have authors actively engaged in the distribution process to independent booksellers instead of relying upon distributors, because consignment sales are advantageous to both the author and the bookseller. Author discount may be increased based upon the number of copies purchased.

All Zarigueya Press books bear a Zarigueya ISBN number; they are listed in Books in Print, featured on the Zarigueya Press website, and publicized by direct email to an extensive list with author input. Our books are included in our online catalog (and, by extension, its links), listed on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other websites, and exhibited in any book fairs we attend.

Zarigueya Press books currently retail for $7 - $18, depending upon length and printing processes, and are available to bookstores direct at standard discounts.

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