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Possums are solitary creatures, but Zarigueya Press is a collective which could not survive without its many wonderful friends. This list expands every day, so here’s hoping we can keep up. Our special thanks and appreciation to:

Maura Harway and Richard Mark

Dan Armstrong

Alice Mark

Sylvie Armstrong

Michael Mercado

Dana Borremans

Keith Armstrong

Kathleen Dale

Bill Murtagh

Mary Lou LaMonda


Wendy Vardaman

Darcey Rojas

Woodland Pattern Book Center

Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

Zarigueya Press derives revenue solely from book sales, and does not receive any public support.  Members of our collective donate their time, talents, and resources to bring our projects to life, and all profits from book sales support future projects. Please consider a gift to help defray the costs of printing, design, production, and distribution of our books.

We are grateful for all donations and all support (including emotional and moral). If you enjoy our books, please consider how you might help to underwrite our mission.

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                We are confronted by insurmountable opportunity.
                                                                            --Walt Kelly
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